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Co-Parenting during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Tips for Co-Parenting during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Carroll County Attorney Gary W. DesperTips for Co-Parenting during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Co-Parenting can be challenging during normal circumstances. During unprecedented times like these, it can be extra difficult.

1. Stay informed and comply with all the CDC, local, and state guidelines to keep you and your family safe so you can avoid contracting and spreading the coronavirus.

2. Try to work with the other parent to agree on what steps should be taken to protect your child(ren) from exposure.

3. Be sure to keep the other parent informed about any suspected or confirmed exposure to the virus. Both parents should be aware of any testing.

4. Try to agree on what steps should be taken if the child begins to exhibit symptoms of the coronavirus or if someone in the family tests positive for the virus.

5. Stay calm and communicate with your child(ren) about what is happening. Reassure them that everything will return to normal in time. Don’t leave the news on your TV or radio 24/7. Be careful about what you say and how you say it regarding the situation. Children may overhear things you didn’t expect. Find out if your child has any questions and answer truthfully with age-appropriate responses. Focus on positive activities and topics whenever possible.

6. Children are home from school. Some parents may be out of work while others need to work from home. Your children may already be feeling anxious. If you and your ex can work together, it will help your children get through this easier.

7. Try to follow the custody agreement or court order as close as possible.

8. If your children need to miss any time with the other parent, try to provide makeup time to the parent who missed out.

9. Plans may need to be adjusted due to the situation. When in person visits aren’t possible, encourage closeness with the parent who is not going to see the child through shared phone calls, books, hobbies, games, movies, and Skype or Facetime.

10. Being out of work or ill may cause economic hardships. Try to be flexible and accommodating under these temporary and challenging circumstances. The spouse paying child support may be able to make a partial payment or they may need to defer a payment until they receive their unemployment.

Try to be understanding during these challenging times. Whenever possible, try to see the situation from the other parent’s perspective. Try to be flexible and understanding. Try to treat the other person the way you would want them to treat you. Things are already difficult enough now. This is the time to work together. .

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