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Holiday Visitation and Child Custody Disputes

Holiday Child Visitation and Custody Disputes - Carroll County Attorney Gary W. DesperAs the holidays approach many families begin facing uncertainty and conflicts with regard to where their children will be spending the holiday.

For families involved in separation or divorce, the normal holiday stress levels are compounded and scheduling can get complicated. It is always best to plan in advance and communicate those plans as clearly as possible. If possible, confirm the plans in writing through emails or shared calendars to help prevent any misunderstandings. This gives both sides time to adjust their schedules and makes the holidays a more enjoyable experience for everyone. Make sure the children also understand the plans for the holiday ahead of time. Children should have an opportunity to spend times with each parent and their respective families over the holidays. Prepare a holiday schedule that is as simple and as fair as possible. Try to think of what is best for the children and put any hurt feelings aside.

What should you do if you are unable to reach an agreement for visitation or custody for the upcoming holiday? You may need to turn to what many people refer to as holiday court. Emergency holiday custody disputes are given priority throughout the Maryland Courts. Most circuit courts make special provisions for these types of disputes in order to resolve the issues on a timely basis. This gives families another way of resolving visitation and custody issues that come up during holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Hanukkah.

If you need help resolving holiday visitation and child custody disputes, contact the Law Offices of Gary W. Desper for legal advice and representation in your family law case.

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