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When Should I Hire a Family Attorney?

Choosing the right attorney now, and building a relationship, can make it easier as you go through the various phases of life, need to make major decisions, or find yourself in a difficult situation. It is much harder if you wait until a situation comes up where you need a lawyer and have to select one quickly.

For most people, a great place to start is to find an attorney to help them prepare or update their will and make sure they have other important documents such as advanced healthcare directives for themselves and other members of their family. This gives you an opportunity to start building a relationship with a family lawyer so if anything comes up you will know exactly whom to call without having to think about it. In the long run, finding someone to help you with basic family law matters today may be one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make, so the sooner you find the right attorney the better. Many people procrastinate when it comes to preparing their will and advanced care directives. Instead, you could use this opportunity to accomplish two goals at once.

Another major advantage to selecting the right attorney to prepare your will is that you can contact them at any time to update your will as your life changes. How many people prepare a will and then forget to change it when they have children or families members named in the will pass on themselves? If you have a family attorney keeping your will up to date, it will be much easier.

Imagine yourself or a loved one being charged with a crime just because you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Imagine yourself or a loved one becoming a victim of crime. Under times of extreme stress you don't want to have to "find" an attorney in a hurry. It is much easier if you have a family attorney whom you have a long term relationship with and can trust to look out for your best interests.

In addition to having a lawyer provide the necessary legal documents for things like estate planning and guardianships, you should have a family lawyer you trust should you ever be accused, charged with a crime, or become a victim. You many also need a lawyer should you find yourself in the middle of a divorce, child custody, dispute, or separation. In general, you will want an attorney whom you can reach out to whenever a situation arises where you could benefit from getting professional legal advice. You want an attorney you can turn to that has the experience to be able to look out for your interests as well as for your loved ones and has many years of experience dealing with a variety of types of law. You want an attorney you can refer friends to should they need one.

At the Law Offices of Gary W. Desper you will find a family attorney with many years of experience handling family law matters, criminal cases, real estate issues, and a wide variety of other legal matters. Contact Law Offices of Gary W. Desper today for legal advice and representation. Contact us to setup a consultation.


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