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Carroll County DUI Charges, DWI, Drunk Driving Lawyer, Criminal Law Attorney, Westminster, Maryland

Carroll County, MD: DUI Lawyer / DWI / Drunk Driving Lawyer

Experienced DUI Attorney representing individuals throughout Carroll County and the Baltimore Metropolitan Area.

DUI Drunk Driving Attorney Carroll County - DUI DWI Cases

Maryland DUI/DWI Drunk Driving Charges

Drunk driving in Maryland is a serious offense and carries with it the potential for significant jail time and fines. If you are charged with Driving Under the Influence of alcohol (“DUI”) or Driving While Impaired by alcohol (“DWI”), it is extremely important for you to have an effective lawyer to help you navigate the judicial and Motor Vehicle Administration (the “MVA”) processes. Finding an attorney you can trust can be difficult. Gary W. Desper is an attorney located in Westminster, Maryland, who is experienced in representing clients both in court and before the MVA who are faced with DUI or DWI charges. Click here to find out more about Gary W. Desper.

DUI Lawyer in Carroll County, MD - Driving Under the Influence

If your blood alcohol content (“BAC”) is above 0.08, you will be charged with DUI. The maximum court sentence for a first time DUI in Maryland is one year in jail, a $1,000 fine, or both. You also will receive 12 points on your driving record and the MVA will revoke your driver’s license for a period of 45 days up to 120 days as determined by the facts of your case. If you have had a DUI before, the court and MVA penalties will be even greater. Gary W. Desper, a Westminster, MD DUI Lawyer, understands the court and MVA processes and helps his clients prepare the best possible defense against a DUI charge.

DWI Lawyer in Carroll County, MD - Driving While Impaired by Alcohol

If your BAC is more than 0.05, but less than .08, you may be charged with either DUI or Driving While Impaired by alcohol (“DWI”) depending on your specific BAC and other competent evidence, such as the results of a field sobriety test, to support either charge. DWI is a lesser offense than DUI, but it still carries significant penalties, including 60 days in jail, a $500 fine, or both for a first offense. You also will receive 8 points on your driving record and the MVA will revoke your driver’s license for up to 60 days. Gary W. Desper is a Westminster, MD DWI Lawyer who helps his clients understand the judicial and MVA processes and assists them in putting on the best possible defense when they are faced with a DWI charge.

It is important to have someone who will stand up for you and present the best possible case in your defense. If you have been charged with DUI or DWI in Carroll County, MD, call the Law Offices of Gary W. Desper today.

MVA 12-Hour Alcohol Education (AEP) Program RequirementsBest DUI / DWI Attorneys Client Satisfaction 6 years

Proven Maryland DUI Lawyer / DWI Defense Attorney, Gary W. Desper, representing clients charged with DUI (driving under the influence) charges, DWI (driving while intoxicated) charges, driving while impaired, receiving a dui ticket, moving violations tickets, and notices to appear in court throughout Baltimore, Carroll County, and surrounding areas of Maryland.

Carroll County, MD DUI / DWI / Drunk Driving Lawyer

Gary W. Desper, DUI / DWI Attorney, serving Westminster (21157, 21158), Boring (21020), Eldersburg (21784), Finksburg (21048), Glyndon (21136, 21071), Hampstead (21074), Mt Airy (21771), Mount Airy (21771), Owings Mills (21117), Reisterstown (21136), Sykesville (21784), Taneytown (21787), Taylorsville (21157), and the areas surrounding Carroll and Baltimore Counties.

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  • Gary and his team are exceptional. Their blend of professionalism and compassion for their clients ensure you are in the best hands. They worked with me as I faced my first DWI charge and their guidance ensured that I got the help I needed and that my character was seen by the judge and prosecuting attorney. Everyone makes mistakes, Gary and his team will put you in touch with the resources you need and deliver your case to the court to display the person you are beyond your major mistake. I highly recommend them to anyone who is in need of an attorney that cares about their clients inside and outside of the courtroom.

  • Gary Desper and his associates were very professional. Always following up & answering your calls no matter the time. He also showed compassion through the whole case, and even after. He was always there. His assistant dawn was always very helpful as well as Brandon! also very compassionate. My experience with this office is 5 starts and would recommend. Very dedicated! Thanks To Gary, I was charged with second offense DUI and only did ONE weekend. Without him I would have done a lot more! Definitely recommend Him to anyone!!!
    Schultz F.

  • I found Mr. Desper to be very knowledgeable about dui cases. He was very familiar with the laws and the Carroll county legal system. He made me feel very comfortable. He, as well as his assistant Dawn, were always friendly. I would highly recommend the law offices of Gary Desper.
    Beverly T.

  • Mr. Desper was very friendly and straight forward with me to help me through my Dui cases. I was looking at a couple years for two back to back DUIs and Gary helped me get all but a few days suspended from that sentence. Listen to what he has to say because he is very knowledgeable and you will be okay. I highly recommend Gary for any of your needs. Will use again if that time comes. But hopefully that time doesn’t come. Thanks A++
    Ryan M.

  • Since Finding Gary Desper thru Google. I have had nothing but Professional direction. Gary never led me down the wrong path. Gary is a one of a kind Lawyer; respectful of your needs, HONEST, and delightful to talk to. His opinion on DUI and or DWI has been without a doubt accurate. I will sleep very well knowing Gary is handling any case I may need in the future. Gary said he would do everything he could to help me out in my DUI case and he did.
    Thanks Gary
    Joe D.

  • Got my first DUI in May 2017. The police officer also used my medical information I provided him to tell the MVA that I was not fit medically to operate a motor vehicle. I had to go in front of a judge for a medical review hearing. Gary walked me through what I would need for the strongest case possible. I listened to all of his advice and he was able to get a medical suspension overturned. Highly recommend Gary Desper.
    Aaron P.

  • I would like to thank Mr. Desper a personally for his legal service that he provided me . I was recently charged with not one but two DUI'S/DWI'S and five other traffic violations on each arrest. Between the two arrest a total of fourteen tickets. The DUI'S were three months apart. My BAC was 0.0 the arrest were due to medication that i was prescribed. Because of this my drivers licenses was emergency suspended both times.

    I thought my life was ruined. I could not drive at all MVA would not give me any driving privileges not even to work until i went in front of a MVA Medical Board. Mr. Desper set both medical boards up very quickly within a few days on both cases. I don't know that any other attorney would have been able to do that. Mr. Desper knew how bad this impacted my life and family. Mr. Desper represented me at the hearings and both hearings we won. Not only did i get my driving privileges back. Both times it was fully reinstated with no restrictions. I could not believe Gary had won both MVA hearings with no restrictions. Sitting in that hearing Gary did not take no for an answer. He is very persistent, organized, aggressive with respect to the laws. He demands a lot from you as your attorney. For my case as far as medical records, prescriptions records.

    Next up was the two criminal cases. Again Gary demanded a lot from me as a client as far as more medical info, letter from employer, character reference letters and letters from doctors. I actually was getting frustrated with him because he was demanding so much from me. He is so organized with each case and demands so much from his clients because he cares. I did not realize that at the time. I did however once the verdict came on the first one in Frederick Co. It was dropped to Negligent driving that's it. I was so relieved that one of them was over with just one charge. I thought for sure the second one that i got in Carroll Co that i was going to do some jail time and pay a lot of money in fines. Gary and I went to court, when the judge called my case I knew I was going to do some jail time. Gary presented the judge all the nagging persistent paper work and information that he had me get before trial. Gary presented the facts to the judge. I could not believe what the judge said next he dropped all traffic violations and gave me PBJ and one year unsupervised probation. I could not believe what Gary had done for me. Not once but TWICE!! Plus he won two MVA hearings. I can't say enough about Gary Desper as an attorney and as a person. He truly cares about his clients. I didn't just give him money and see him on court day. Gary or his wonderful assistant Dawn was in contact with me weekly giving me updates on my hearings or trials. He made me feel like a great person just going through a bad time. Thank you again Gary and Dawn i don believe another attorney would have been able to do what you did!!!
    Thx Marc

  • I received my first DUI charge September of last year. I was fearful I could lose my job (as I drove for work) and much worse. Like many reading these reviews, I turned to google for a top rated Lawyer in the Carroll County area and Gary was at the top of the list. I read many reviews and saw nothing but positive comments and decided to take a shot. I found my experience to be the same as other folks on here, a very positive one. I walked into his office for the first time scared, stressed and sad, and I left calm and assured. Gary advised things to do before court that would have me look better in the eyes of the judge and sure enough it worked. I left court with PBJ that would become unsupervised after I finished my alcohol classes, a limited consequence compared to what I was facing. I could see the difference in the care Gary took with his clients compared to other lawyers on my court day with his delivery and preparation. All of this was provided for what I believe to be a very fair and affordable cost compared to other lawyer costs I had heard from friends. Gary guarantees nothing but strives for the best case possible and that's exactly what he got me.
    Justin S.

  • I reached out to Mr. Desper in late March of 2016 in regards to being pulled over for a DUI. I called him at 10 till 5:00 and he offered to stay in the office late to allow me time to drive to his office. After going over all of the details of my case, he provided an extremely comprehensive list of information and advice on how I should proceed. His approach throughout the process was consistently proactive. He led me every step of the way to ensure I had everything completed before my court date. I followed every bit of his advice and ended up getting the lightest sentence possible (PBJ with unsupervised probation). I would highly recommend Mr. Desper to anyone who has a similar situation in and around Westminster, or Carroll County in general (Although I'm sure he operates in other areas as well). One of the things that amazed me is that his rates are significantly lower than other lawyers, but he was able to get me the best possible outcome for what I blew. Still not convinced? Do yourself a favor and set up an appointment to meet with him. His candor, confidence, extensive knowledge, and experience with these cases will pay dividends to you, because he facilitates all of the necessary steps to ensure that his clients will have the best possible outcome. I initially found Mr. Desper from a Google review, hopefully this will convince someone else to choose him over one of the other lawyers in town, I am certainly glad I did.
    Mark E.

  • I'm writing this review for the services that Mr. Desper recently offered me in my DWI case. Mr. Desper went above and beyond what I had expected of a lawyer. I was never left in the dark, as the day he got information, so did I. Even after my court date and my case was over with, he called to check in and make sure I hadn't ran into any problems. He even helped me understand and fill out some paperwork that I needed to file a few weeks after my court date and made it priority to see me asap, even though he didn't have to as it didn't pertain directly to my actual DWI. Never once did I feel judged or uncomfortable in my interactions with Mr. Desper. What I can say that I liked most about working with Mr. Desper is the fact that he never sugar coats anything and gives you the possible out comes cut an dry. Along with that he also explains how and what you can do to fight and make the out comes the best possible. I would strongly recommended a consultation with Mr. Desper for any of your legal needs, as he is and will be my lawyer until he retires.
    Austin N.


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