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Business Lawyer
Carroll County, MD Business Law Attorney: Legal Services throughout the Baltimore Metropolitan Region

Business Attorney Carroll County Contracts and AgreementsBusiness Attorney, Business Formation, Limited Liability Company (LLC), Partnerships, or Corporations, Contracts, Agreements, Commercial Collections, Maryland State Procurement Laws:

Your business is how you support yourself and your family. It's important that you protect it. Every business, large and small, needs competent legal counsel.

We assist business clients with the following Maryland business legal and contract services, in Carroll County, and all of Maryland:

Business Formation / Incorporation (LLC, S Corp, Partnerships, Corporations)

Whether it is a limited liability company (LLC), partnership, or corporation, we will work with you to determine which business entity is appropriate for your situation. I represent clients with all types of business formation cases, including LLC, S Corp, and incorporation formation in Carroll County and the surrounding areas in Maryland.

Contracts and Agreements

We can prepare and review all contracts for your business, including agreements to buy or sell your business, contracts with vendors or merchants, employment contracts, and lease agreements. We also handle all types of contract disputes whether your business is being sued or needs to sue someone else.

Commercial Debt Collections

If you have performed work and you are not paid for it, we can assist you in collecting what you are owed, and will take the matter to court if necessary to obtain a judgment and pursue debt collection through garnishment and seizure, or obtain a mechanic’s lien if appropriate.

Maryland State Procurement Law

As a former Assistant Attorney General who worked on procurement matters on behalf of  the State of Maryland, I have the knowledge and skill to represent businesses in bid protests and contract claims to protect your legal rights in doing business with the State of Maryland under Maryland procurement law.


"From walking into the office doors, meeting the kind receptionist, to approaching Mr. Desper himself, I was treated with respect, kindness, and understanding. I'm very thankful to have had the opportunity to sit down and discuss business ventures and also learn about how to engage this entrepreneurial journey legally. Starting a business is intimidating, and Mr. Desper, who cares about his clients for who they are and what they dream rather than their wallet, made these conversations easy. I recommend Desper Law Group to anyone who wants effective and direct answers to their legal questions."

---D. T. R.

This review is a little late, but it afforded me time to provide a truly accurate review with results!!

Gary helped me with an employer issue in 2014 (I wrote a review for that as well, 5 stars if you are having issues with your employer) and that had a phenomenal outcome. Because of that experience I decided to start my own company.

In April of 2018 Gary helped me form my company (by help, I mean he did everything and all I had to do was sign). From articles of incorporation to operating agreement and even referring me to a highly rated and trusted accountant.

Because of the quality of the operating agreement, legally the company is air tight. Along with that and other legal advice, the company has grown exponentially. We landed our first job in January of 2019 (after spending the first 8 months organizing everything) and in 12 months we have generated $1.2 Million in revenue, and legally thanks to Gary.

I have to say without a doubt Gary is the best from starting a company, to protecting the company and even protecting the company's employees. He knows Maryland's system very well from working in it and his navigation of the system truly shows.

---T. D.

"I sought out the services of Desper Law for small business matters. Gary is very knowledgeable with business law and contract terminology. In cases where others may have pushed towards costly litigation, which could last months, he instead worked to quickly seek resolution. He truely cares about the situation and puts his clients best interest first. The cost for his services are extremely reasonable. Thank you, Gary!"

---A. C.

"I had to settle a an issue with a large corporation (lowes) who i was contracted with to do work. after months of trying to get the work actually done and making payments on the work that wasn't being done i sought legal help, more as a motivational step. I met with Mr. Desper he is very friendly, professional, personable, down to earth God fearing man which made my hour with him very easily spent. while we talked he constructed a letter, gave me future legal advice, and was very human. within two hours of his firm sending a letter threatening void of contract i received a call from a third party contractor to set up a working date. this was something i hadn't been able to do for months of visiting, calling, and emailing the lowes store #0516 and corporate."

---J. S.