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Divorce Attorney
Divorce Lawyer Carroll County, MD and the Baltimore Metropolitan Region

The Process of Separation and Divorce

Divorce Lawyer, Separation, Child Custody and Support, Guardianship, Protective Orders - Family Law Attorney Carroll County Westminster Facing a divorce is an emotionally stressful time. It may have been a difficult decision for you to make or your partner may have made the decision for both of you. I'm sensitive to my client's needs and can help you sort through the process so you can get through this.

With a strong emphasis on family law issues, including divorce and separation cases in Maryland, I have experience with all matters pertaining to divorce, separation, alimony, support, and custody, as well as many other areas of family law. I can help you make sense of the difficult issues involved in getting a divorce and work with you to protect your interests.

As your attorney, I could guide you through the steps you would need to take before filing for divorce and would be there through the entire process. Contact Law Offices of Gary W. Desper for legal advice and representation regarding your separation / divorce case or other family law matter.

Separation Period

During the separation period, it is important to address financial and child custody issues. It's crucial to have a separation agreement during this time. It should be thorough and concise, spelling out things like how marital property is divided, who gets to live in the house, parenting arrangements, child custody, child support, spousal maintenance, and how investments and retirement benefits will be handled. Separation agreements are enforceable contracts that are later incorporated into the divorce decree and govern how things are done after the divorce is final. Whether prepared by me or someone else, I will insure that any separation agreement looks after your interests.

Mediation / Arbitration / Simple Negotiation

It is often beneficial for all parties to resolve their divorce dispute through mediation, arbitration, or simple negotiation. Resolving a divorce through alternative dispute resolution often means substantially lower legal fees and the freedom to set the terms of your marriage dissolution, rather than having an impersonal judge set the terms for you. While I always counsel clients that this is their best option financially, it is not always possible to reach such an agreement outside of the courtroom.

Marriage Annulments

An annulment is the legal determination that a marriage did not exist and is an alternative to divorce. It is only granted under very limited circumstances. In Maryland, a marriage can be annulled once you prove you have legal grounds to have your marriage annulled. A marriage can still be annulled if children were born during the marriage. If you would like to have your marriage annulled, contact Gary W. Desper and schedule a consultation to discuss whether you meet Maryland's requirements to have your marriage annulled.

  • Failure to have a license or ceremony
  • Age - one spouse was under the age of eighteen when they got married and they did not have their parents' consent
  • Insanity - one spouse was mentally incapable of getting married
  • Intoxication - spouses were under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the marriage
  • Duress - one spouse was coerced to get married by threats from the other spouse or spouse's loved ones
  • Fraud - one spouse defrauded the other with regards to health or well-being to convince them to get married
  • Multiple Spouses - one spouse had another living husband or wife at the time of the marriage
  • Blood Related - spouses are related by blood

Family Law Divorce Attorney LawyerDomestic Violence Protective Orders (DVPO)

Sometimes when you are going through a separation or divorce, it is necessary obtain a protective restraining order. If you need a protective order, give us a call and I can assist you with filing a protective order against a spouse, partner, or other family member. Also known as a restraining order, a Domestic Violence Protective Order (DVPO) prohibits your abuser from trying to contact or communicate with you and bars them from entering or remaining your home.

How Divorce Works in Maryland

There are two types of divorces granted in Maryland; absolute divorce and limited divorce. An absolute divorce terminates the martial contract permanently. A limited divorce is a separation agreement and does not end the marriage. In order to obtain a divorce in Maryland specific requirements must be met. For more information on how divorce works in Maryland, visit our "Divorce How It Works in Maryland" blog page.

Carroll County, MD Divorce Lawyer / Family Law Attorney

Gary W. Desper, Divorce Attorney - (Family Lawyer / Attorney in Westminster, MD), serving Westminster, Eldersburg, Finksburg, Glyndon, Hampstead, Mt Airy, Mount Airy, Owings Mills, Reisterstown, Sykesville, Taneytown, Taylorsville, Boring, and the areas surrounding Carroll and Baltimore Counties.

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I highly recommend Gary Desper if you are looking for the best divorce attorney in Carroll County, Maryland. On a personal level, he exhibits compassion and caring for his clients; on a professional level, he is respected by all in the legal system and is a pro in the courtroom. He's the best in the business!
--- Karen S.

Mr. Desper and his team were very helpful with my divorce. They gave sound advice and things turned out fairly for all parties involved. They are very reasonable with there billing and helped minimize costs whenever possible. I look forward to using there services in the future related to other legal matters. I highly recommend Mr. Desper from my experience working with him and his team.
--- Chad R.

Desper Law Group is an absolutely incredible firm! I highly recommend them to anyone in need of legal advice or representation. Mr. Desper handled my divorce five years ago and I have come to him with every legal-related question since then. With tact, incredible communication, and understanding of my goals, Mr. Desper was beyond successful in representing my best interests, as well as achieving more than I could have hoped. Mr. Desper is a man of integrity, and I cannot convey the sense of peace that brings during a tumultuous time. Mr. Desper's associates are wonderful as well! I highly recommend Gary and I will absolutely be using Desper Law Group in the future for any more legal questions!
--- Sonya C.

He represented me in my divorce 5 yrs ago and was aggressive when he needed to be. He was negotiable and handled my ex who thought he was above the Law in a very professional way. He actually helps you to stay calm and he will do the rest!!! Highly recommend him!!!

--- Linda L.

Mr Desper and his staff were amazing! Great advice with a great outcome! His office handled both my divorce and will! I couldn’t be more pleased with the services I received! I highly recommend this law firm!!! Top notch hands down!
--- Linay Z.

A pleasure to work with. Friendly and trustworthy Handle my divorce quickly. He handle everything all i had to do is show up for court. Thanks Gary

--- Ronald H.

Mr. Desper provided excellent legal support throughout the settlement of my divorce. In most legal situations when you need an attorney you can trust, it is a very stressful time and difficult to make sound decisions under those kinds circumstances. But my experience through it all turned out quite favorably and that was due to none other than Mr. Desper's superb legal work and advice.

Mr. Desper was patient, explained everything, and always made me feel as though I was his most important client. He was always responsive and prompt. He has integrity, common sense, and is practical in handling whatever your legal needs may be.

In difficult legal situations it's hard to know who to turn to and/or whom to trust. I was fortunate to have Mr. Desper represent me and I have come to trust him explicitly. I am very grateful for everything he did to help me. You truly cannot fine a better attorney to turn to when in need.

--- Jon P.

I couldn't be any happier with Gary and his team. Great guy, very prompt, very thorough and reasonably priced! While, I did not have the most complicated divorce, I get the feeling he can handle anything thrown at him. My situation didn't allow for me to be in Maryland throughout and Gary didn't miss a beat. I honestly have no complaints at all and highly recommend Gary. Call him!

--- Pete T.

I'm writing this review because Gary not only took my temp custody case at such a short notice, he explained to me what my options were and what I could do in the future. To help me later on, on the long term custody case. Unfortunately under my circumstances I had to give in a little but Gary helped me focus and did plenty in our negotiations. Which at the end I thought was reasonable from what my ex was wanting. Thanks again Gary!

--- Eric C.

Mr. Desper is a wonderful attorney and person. I hired Mr. Desper to assist me with a highly contested divorce and custody case and hiring him was the best decision I have ever made. His communication, knowledge and professionalism could not be any better. During the long process I felt like I was his only client and never had any doubt that he was the one for the job. If I ever need an attorney in the future I will not hesitate one bit to hire him again. There really is not enough good I can type here about Mr. Desper, if you need an attorney hire him and you will know how I feel. Dawn is awesome too!

--- Josh R.

Gary assisted me with finalizing a divorce that should have ended two years ago. Throughout the process, he was very professional as well as approachable. Any questions I had, he was prompt in responding even though he had a number of other clients. His assistance and knowledge of the law made this process largely unstressful and straightforward. I would highly recommend his services to anyone in the area seeking a lawyer.

--- Jon B.


Gary was great with assisting with my divorce. Always reassured me that things will be good and will all work out. He's very trustworthy, he also provided alot of informational things that I never knew about that would help me, I'm very pleased with his service.

--- Jennifer H.

Gary Desper is a rare, sparkling gem in the sometimes clouded world of litigation!

I walked into his office a total stranger, but walked out feeling as though I was part of his family! Like someone finally understood the tourtuos road that I was forced to be on, and has my back!

I have been dealing with a bitter, vindictive EX that abuses the legal system for some time now. And, unfortunately, we share a daughter. The EX constantly starts trouble with lies to law enforcement, as well as her lies to officers of the court; to the point where I just couldnt handle it alone anymore and needed help.

I live in Baltimore County, but had to find a Carroll County attorney. Which, scared me to no end because of a horrible experience that I had with a totally different lawyer in the past. Then I found Gary Desper...

Gary Desper was very different. He really does treat you like family. He was courteous, friendly, and very sympathetic to my situation! If Gary tells you that he will do something, he gets it done! And, he gets it done excatly how he explains it!

Thank you Gary!
--- Wes P.

Gary Desper is a rare find in the legal community. I've been through three divorces in my life, in three states, with three lawyers. While the first two lawyers I worked with were ready to sue at the drop of a hat, he has continually counseled agreement, mutual concessions, and working things out between myself and my ex for the benefit of our children. I've had to deal with some terrible situations with my ex, and he has been there to keep me focused on the family and the long-term outcome, even when I came to him angry and he stood to make a lot of money exploiting my emotional state.

His core focus on the actual best interests of his clients has been unique in my experiences with lawyers, and I've always found that he was right. I ended up getting everything I wanted without having to spend years fighting it out in court by taking his advice and recommendations.

He's also fast, responsive, and effective, well-versed in the law and the court processes. His skill, talent, and wisdom have served me and my family well every time I've had to turn to him for representation. I can't recommend him, and his counsel, enough.

--- Joshua G.

Gary helped guide me through through the separation process and really did an excellent job of looking out for my best interests and the interests of my children. He was very thorough and the marriage settlement agreement that I have is something I am very happy with. Through his counsel I was able to avoid a court battle and save tens of thousands of dollars.

--- Andrew E.

You will be glad you contacted Gary W. Despar for legal advice and services. Mr. Desper represented me in a contentious separation and divorce proceeding. He always provided me with excellent counsel, clear interpretation of the law, and an opportunity to be more involved in my case than I expect is typical. He always exhibited integrity in all interactions and understanding fairness in billing. I believe you would be hard pressed to find better representation anywhere, much less in Westminster MD. And in addition to all of that, he has a very empathetic manner, which I found to be very beneficial given the turbulent nature of my personal life.

--- Thomas


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