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Carroll County, MD Real Estate Lawyer

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I am experienced in representing clients in real estate matters of all kinds in Carroll County and throughout Maryland, including:

Settlements and Closings

Buying a home or property is the single largest purchase most of us will ever make. Finding the right settlement attorney and doing it correctly is of utmost importance. I am experienced in all phases of real estate transactions, and can guide you from contract to closing.

An advantage to having me conduct your real estate closing is that you will always have an attorney doing the closing, not a paralegal or secretary. I will take the time necessary to make sure that you understand the documents you are signing and will always be available after closing to answer questions that may come up later; AND my fees are comparable to the title companies in the area.

As part of my service, I will:

  • Advise you on a real estate contract prepared by others
  • Prepare a contract for you
  • Assist with finding financing
  • Obtain a location survey
  • Assist in obtaining a home inspection
  • Assist in obtaining a termite inspection
  • Obtain an abstract of title
  • Prepare the closing
  • Arrange for title insurance for the lender and for you
  • Record the documents in the land records of the jurisdiction where the property located.


The following link is to the Maryland State Department of Assessments and Taxation. Through it you can find out pertinent information about the property you are buying or considering to buy and can determine the state assessment value. The site is balky and somewhat slow, but it does provide valuable information. If it does not work when you first try it, try again later.

For an estimate of closing costs or to discuss other matters I may assist you within the area of real estate law, please contact me.

Short-Sale Negotiations

If you are having problems making your mortgage payments, your home is worth less than what you owe on it, or you are afraid foreclosure may be in your future, then a short sale may be your answer. I will negotiate with your lender to allow you to sell your home at its current market value as full satisfaction of your loan. The lender avoids the expensive costs of foreclosure and eviction while you retain some control and dignity. I will aggressively advocate for you during these troubled economic times.


I will advise you on adding or removing someone from the deed to your property, distribution deeds from estates, life estate deeds as part of estate planning, and transferring ownership to or adding the name of a limited liability company or other business entity.

Contracts and Leases

Real estate contracts and leases are often long and complicated. I will prepare or review a contract or lease to sell, purchase, or lease real estate that meets the requirements of local and State law. I will make sure you know your obligations, when you must perform them, and what happens if you don’t.

Property Disputes

There are many types of property disputes, including boundary, nuisance, and easement or right of way disputes. I represent clients in civil disputes and litigation with neighbors, landlords, tenants, utility companies, and local government entities.


I assist clients in preparing and submitting zoning and rezoning applications, obtaining special exceptions and variances, and representation for alleged zoning violations.


I represent both landlords and tenants and provide aggressive representation to clients in handling their landlord tenant disputes. I work with you to evaluate your position and put forth creative arguments as your advocate. This includes all types of cases involving landlord tenant rent and lease disputes.

Breach of Lease

Landlord Tenant Breach Laws state that a landlord may legally terminate a lease if the tenant significantly violates the lease agreement contract terms and conditions. The lease agreement outlinesthe rules and conditions the landlord (lessor) and the tenant (lessee) have agreed upon. Being in breach of your lease agreement means you have broken one or more of the rules of your tenancy agreement with your landlord. A lease termination for a long-term contract usually requires a 30-60 day written notice.

Homeowner Associations

I work with homeowner associations in all aspects of association operations, including: covenant enforcement, assessment collections, association procedures, covenant/bylaw amendment, maintenance responsibilities, contract review, and insurance coverage. I take a “preventative law” approach to representing homeowner associations. I believe that association interests are better served by advance planning and consultation with legal counsel than by waiting for a problem to end up in litigation. With regard to collection of assessments, I believe that associations should pursue a vigorous enforcement policy.



  • Mr. Desper worked with me over several years on a complicated drawn out real estate transaction. This was complicated by my not living in the area. There were a number of hurdles that came up along the way and he was a great source of knowledge and help while respecting my wishes. Over the years he was always very responsive and prompt in whatever needed to be done. I appreciate all the help he provided to me. I came to totally trust him. I recommend him very highly and without reservation.
    John C.
  • Gary was our attorney through a Real Estate matter and his detail and personal service really made us feel secure in what we were doing. Legal troubles are scary and challenging and Gary made it quite the opposite. With Gary on our side explaining everything so that we could understand it was a great relief.
    Crystal R.