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Carroll County MD Lawyer Name Changes MarylandLegally Changing Your Name in Maryland (Carroll County, Baltimore County, Howard County, and the surrounding areas)

Would you like to legally change your name? Are you in the middle of a divorce and would like to revert back to your maiden name? Would you now like to take your spouse's name following marriage? Are you adopting a child or blending two families by adopting a step-child? Do you need to correct something on a birth certificate? Parents may change the name of a child born in Maryland one time within the first year, without a court order. Do you have another reason for wanting to legally change your name? As long as the name change is not being sought for any illegal or fraudulent purposes, the courts will generally grant a name change.

If you are actively involved in geting a divorce, and would like to revert back to your maiden name, that request can be included as part of the final divorce. If you were divorced previously, but did not request a name change at that time, or within 18 months after a final decree of absolute divorce, then you must submit a new petition to the appropriate Court.

Filing for a Name Change

In Maryland, the name change process is started by filing a petition for name change in the appropriate county. Securing a name change requires the courts approval. If you would like to legally change your name, I can help by filing the necessary paperwork and making the name change process as efficient and easy as possible.



In September 2014, my husband, Derek and I decided that we wanted to have him adopt my son and give him our last name. After some thorough research of a Step-Parent Adoption and the steps that needed to be taken, I searched local lawyers on Google and Gary was halfway down on that list. It was the Friday before Labor Day weekend when I tried to call, and when Gary answered the phone, after he had already left the office on a holiday weekend, I knew that he was dedicated to his job! He took the time to hear me out and briefly explain the process. When we finally felt we were in a good point financially, we gathered the cheap retainer fee and scheduled our first meeting with Gary at the end of October. At that point, I could tell Gary had went above and beyond our expectations and answered all our questions and concerns without hesitation. He always kept in touch through e-mail or phone and got us through a long process, in less than a month and a half. He is very dependable, respectful and knowledgeable, and I highly recommend Mr. Desper to anybody who is looking for a lawyer that will thrive towards the desired outcome of his clients! Thanks again, Gary, for all of your hard work and dedication to my family!! Best Christmas present EVER!!

Krista B.